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Group tours of Birding Holland are a perfect way to learn about all aspects of Dutch nature. Small groups, a knowledgeable local guide, educational and affordable; what more can you wish? With a minimum of four, and a maximum of 8-10 people, we go out and and focus on a certain group of birds, but sometimes also flowers, insects, mammals etc, that are prominently present at that time of year. Specialized guides will give a short lecture about what we are most likely to encounter before we head out for some hotspots to enjoy both the quality and the quantity of the species present. All tours include coffe/tea and a tipical Dutch stroopwafel (!), a digital checklist afterwards, all entrance fees and road tolls, free use of optics and literature and VAT. Descriptions, dates, prices and starting points of these tours can be found on the Dutch page of Birding Holland . If you are interested in joining one of these tours (all guides speak English and will do so during these tours), please get in contact with us and we’ll send you the details in English. For news, trip reports, new tours and updates, please “like” our FB-page

This is the agenda for 2017 (more to come!):
3 and 4 June 2017: Birding weekend in “Top-of-Holland”! (EURO 239, hotel included)
10, 16, 17 and 24 June: Night of the Badgers (EURO 50)
17 June and 15 July 2017: Wild orchids in Lauwersmeer N.P. (EURO 59)
17 June 2017: Nightjars in Drenthe (EURO 25)
15 July 2017: Butterflies and dragonflies in Weerribben/Wieden NP (EURO 69)
24 June 2017: Bird banding/ringing,  behind the scenes at Kennemerduinen (EURO 45)
5 August 2017: A walk with the shepherd at Sallandse Heuvelrug N.P. (EURO 69)
5 August 2017: Biking and birding in Fochteloërveen N.P. – (EURO 79)
19 August 2017: Bird banding/ringing, behind the scenes at Ooijse Graaf (EURO 45)
19 August 2017: Waders in Lauwersmeer National Park (EURO 65)

2 September 2017: European Tree Frogs and much more at Meijendel, Wassenaar (EURO 50)
17 September 2017: Groene Strand, Ameland: a hidden pearl! – (EURO 95)
24 September 2017: North Sea pelagic from Lauwersoog (EURO 59)
15 October 2017: North Sea pelagic from Den Helder (EURO 59)
22 October 2017: North Sea pelagic from Scheveningen – (EURO 59)
28 October 2017: Sea birds for beginners, Westkapelle – (EURO 79)
5 November 2017: North Sea pelagic from Lauwersoog (EURO 59)
12 November 2017: North Sea pelagic from Lauwersoog (EURO 59)
28 December 2017: Winter birds at IJmuiden beach/pier (EURO 39)
29 December 2017: Schiermonnikoog on foot – (EURO 95)
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Check our dutch website for rates and information, and mail us if you have any questions!

“A fantastic day of birding. Small groups, very relaxed: this is really my thing!” See you soon!”

“Great excursion, with a very helpfull guide. Really like these small groups. Memorable experience!”

“Top day! Great set of species, small group, excellent guide and relaxed atmosphere. To be continued!”

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Birding Holland

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