Cor Visser

Cor Visser (1946) was born and raised in the nation’s capital, Amsterdam. As a youngster Cor regularly left the city to enjoy nature, but it was not until he met a birder during his compulsory year in the Dutch army, that he began to develop an interest in birds.

Cor has spent many years looking at birds before his interest began to shift more towards photography and nowadays he is one of Holland’s leading wildlife photographers. His interests are not just birds, also dragonflies, butterflies, insects, mammals and mushrooms get his attention.

Cor often travels to photograph wildlife, both in Holland and Europa, but also further away: he visited countries like Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa. His main goal is to make people aware of the nature around them and to get photographers to take a more responsible role toward birds and wildlife.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day birding in The Netherlands. Seeing the birds was good, but so was seeing the countryside that you drove us through; I’m really glad that I found Birding Holland. 
Valerie Glass, California, USA

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Birding Holland

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