Ferry Bleumink

Ferry Bleumink (1972) grew up in the rural countryside of The Netherlands and spent much of his childhood roaming the fields and meadows near his parents’ house, looking for birds, butterflies and dragonflies. As a teenager Ferry started working on protecting meadow birds, a passion he has never lost.

In his spare time Ferry is now working with one the National Conservancy Agencies on breeding birds in the central provinces of The Netherlands and improving breeding habitat for Common Spadefoot, a rare toad species.

Ferry is an avid photographer and digiscoper; he tries not just to capture the birds, but to also show as much of their habitat as possible in his pictures. Ferry has several years of experience with filming wildlife at night. With strategically positioned wildlife cameras he has been able to film several mammals, including Roe Deer, Rabbit, Eurasian Hare, Red Fox and Badger.

Depending on the time of year, Ferry might be able to show you his “personal” cete of Badgers in a forest close to his home…



Thank you for organizing my trip, both days were very rewarding.
Ferry is a very special guide – I look forward to birding with him again!
Mark Citsay, MN, USA

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Birding Holland

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