Joost Bouwmeester

Joost Bouwmeester (1955) is a professional wildlife photographer and writer, who uses his camera and words to protect nature and wildlife. As family member of flower bulb growers and forest rangers, he was introduced to the world of flowers and birds in his early childhood. The wildlife photographers of these days inspired him to pick up the camera himself. For many years now, he has been publishing his pictures and articles in newspapers, books and magazines to inspire people to enjoy nature. Besides that, he is the image editor and stylist of a national wildlife magazine.

Joost guides excursions and offers nature photography workshops for both adults and children. In these workshops he combines entertaining historical information with his passion for nature and his life-time experience with bird watching and plant determination in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. After all, the Dutch landscape is a young and dynamic one that is built by nature, but altered by people. The core of each workshop is to experience nature and to be out there, surrounded by birds and their variety of sounds. So also if you only just started to explore nature and photography, he is the guide you are looking for.

Apart from his guiding, Joost runs a Bed and Breakfast in Noordwijk together with his wife, so he is used to make guests feel at home. You can be sure you will be looked after very well.


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Birding Holland

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