Leo Apon

Leo Apon (1964) joined his father on regular outdoor trips when he was young and started birding at a young age. The first bird he can remember seeing was a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the center province of Utrecht and at age 15 Leo joined a local birding and wildlife group. Leo has a broad interest in nature in general and in ecological relationships in partcular: why does a particular species occur in a particular habitat and not in other habitats?

During college Leo did bird counts for a national birding institute and his current work keeps him occupied with creating and maintaining wildlife areas in the south of The Netherlands. In his spare time Leo keeps busy with breeding bird counts, healing winter bird counts, migratory bird counts and looking for rare breeding species.

Leo particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge about birds with other people. When outdoors, he often gives unsuspecting bystanders the opportunity to look at birds and wildlife through his telescope, pointing at e.g. Kingfishers or Harbour Seals.


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Birding Holland

Birding Holland

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