Leo Boon

Leo Boon (1966) began with bird watching in 1980 on the former landfill the Put van Weber near IJsselstein with two of his high school friends. From 1985 he chases after rare birds in the Netherlands. For years, Leo photographed birds and has many publications to his name. Besides the photography Leo has produced several bird DVDs, five on rare birds in the Netherlands and two about the Macaronesian Islands. Islands are his favourite holiday destinations, with the Dominican Republic and Hawaii in his top three. Other countries he has visited are Turkey, Morocco, Israel, South Africa, The Gambia, USA, Canada and a fair number of European countries, of which he has lived in Hungary for two years.

Leo’s children are also often found on his quest for rare birds or go along on nights out to catch moths, something Leo got interested in during the last five years. Residing in IJmuiden he is in a great area of ​​dunes, forest and beach, not to mention the famous pier of IJmuiden.

His best discovery was the famous Red-flanked Bluetail in Zandvoort and a little further back in time the Little Crake in Eemshaven. His Dutch list now counts 455 bird species and has just reached the limit of 1.200 species of moths. No small feat in just five years.

Leo is still photographing but doing mainly portraits in his own characteristic style.

“We had one heck of a great time, I’m afraid that I might have over worked him because I wanted to see some very hard species but he came through with flying colors.
I got more species and more Life Birds than I had hope for because I had been to Japan and India. Leo did his homework each night to have a plan on where we were going after and when for each hard species and he kept checking daily reports for what and when our target birds were being seen.
I was so glad to see the Red-Breasted- and the Lesser White-fronted Goose and the Brown Shrike was a real bonus.
Again thanks for arranging the tour and the places I stated was the best. ” – Jeff Blalock, Boston (USA)

“I had a really excellent time and could not have wished for a better guide!” – Clifford Smout, Huntingdon (UK)

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Birding Holland

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