Pim Wolf

Pim Wolf (1965) has been an active birder since 1980 when he started to learn about the birds around him with the NJN, a Dutch organisation for youngsters interested in nature. After having worked as a volunteer for the Dutch Institute for Oceanic Research for four years, he started working for the Dutch government as a specialist of bird monitoring in in the early 1990’s, together with Sander Lilipaly.

Pim is considered to be one of the best birders in The Netherlands and he has a soft spot for pelagic birds and waders. When planning his trips pelagic birding and migratory birds always form the most important ingredients of his itineraries, taking him to places like the Cape Verdes and Georgia.

Pim is currently living in the town of Vlissingen, in the province of Zeeland, in the southwestern part of The Netherlands.


Thanks very much for another great day. 100+ species in a day is a European first for me. I have tried for it before in England but not succeeded. I also really enjoyed the great views of birds I rarely see over here such as Grasshopper Warbler, Spoonbill, White Stork, Hoopoe and Purple Sandpiper.
Jim – London, England

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Birding Holland

Birding Holland

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