Remco Hofland

Remco was born in August 1972 and lives in Rotterdam. He has been a birder since early childhood. His parents took him to Turkey several times during his early teens and that is probably where his fascination for the Middle East originates. The combined love for travel, ancient cultures and nature took Remco to many corners of the world, among which are Jordan, Vietnam, Nepal, the Phillippines, Madagascar, Tanzania, Brazil and Mexico. For over 6 years Remco has been the manager of the Dutch Birdline, while also devoting a lot of time on the Dutch Dragonfly emailgroup. Currently, he is the chairman of Dutch Birding Association

Taking a recent interest in bird conservation, Remco co-lead the Syrian Wetland Expedition of 2004 and lead the Syrian Sociable Plover survey in 2007. Although his favourites are the laughingthrushes and other babblers of Asia, Remco loves to go out birding in The Netherlands regularly. Because of a varied number of habitats in close proximity, maximizing species as well as numbers of birds is a piece of cake in The Netherlands. Therefore, birding in Holland is great and if you want an experienced guide to accompany you, Remco would be happy to show you the birds as well as the dragonflies and butterflies in The Netherlands.


We had two wonderful days birding with Pieter (and Remco on the first day) in the Netherlands. Not only were they very pleasant birding companions, they also worked really hard to find us as many birds as possible.
Pieter’s experience and knowledge of the birds of the area is extensive. He was very generous with his time both before the trip (planning an itinerary based on our wish list, suggesting hotels, scouting, etc.) and on the birding days themselves which were, per our choice, very long; literally before dawn to after dusk. And the birds? Well, they were fantastic and there were lots of them! Highlights for us included the light buoyant flight of the three Montagu’s Harriers seen, each in a different plumage; three Black Woodpeckers seen well, one at really close range; the excellent help Pieter and Remco provided sorting out all those skulking warblers, and the huge Eurasian Eagle Owl with chick. Highly recommended.
Bob and Barbara Brandriff, Berkeley, California, USA
Many years of watching birds in Holland mean that Remco knows exactly where to look and his expert fieldcraft means you have a great chance of seeing the birds you want to see. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will certainly be back in the summer.
Jim – London, England
Ever since my first visit in January I was keen to return and do some more birding with Pieter at a different time of year. I eventually made it back this October and once again we had a full, enjoyable and hugely rewarding day in the field touring birding hotspots & lesser known sites. I thought it would be difficult to top the day we had in January but Pieter came up trumps again with his choice of locations and we ended the day with an impressive list of 86. This included fantastic views of 40 Lesser White-fronted Geese, Red-breasted Goose, Great Egret, Northern Harrier and a very obliging Horned Lark – all difficult species in England.
I have already arranged a spring visit and at the current rate my Holland list will overtake my British list within a couple of years!
Full credit goes to Pieter and Remco at Birding Holland for their uncompromising dedication to finding and showing off the birds of Holland and making me feel like an old friend whenever I visit.
Jim – London, England

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