Wesley Overman

Mammal expert Wesley Overman (1983) has been interested in wildlife since he was young. Wesley started out as a birder after seeing a Tufted Duck on his walk home from school. He was hooked instantly and after buying a birdbook and a pair of binoculars, he spotted a group of Waxwings in a tree in his parent’s garden. This marked the beginning of his incurable love for birds.

Looking for birds Wesley also became interested in other animal groups, and after his study Environmental Relationships, he decided to start working for the Dutch Mammal Society, marking the beginning of his second incurable love: that of mammals.

Wesley can often be found looking for mammals and he is one of the very few people who have seen every species of indiginous mammals in The Netherlands. His love for whales and dolphins has taken him to every corner of the world, including New Zealand, Antarctica and South Georgia. Wesley considers his unexpected encounter with an Andean Bear in Peru the highlight of his travels…

For Birding Holland Wesley is available for specialized mammal tours in the Netherlands.


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